I am a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. I have always been interested in visual expressions. However, my photographical journey started in 2009. I like to explore themes and investigate ideas through series of images. My background from architecture affects my work, motivation and choices of topics. Thematically, I seek to have a kind of cultural presence in my photographs. I like to travel where my camera takes me, often to places people don’t know exist. I try to show the world in a different way than people usually see it.

One of my main themes of inspiration are places that have seen rapid changes. It may be borderlands where the civilization turns into the wild. Or reflections on the struggle between man and his environment. Often the results end up in a field between traditional documentary and art photography.

Some of my work involves investigations into the relationship between color and shapes, in a more minimalistic way. But beauty itself is not enough. A great picture also needs substance, a kind of deeper meaning, with possibilities to reach further levels of understanding, investigations and enlightenment.

To me, one of the unique aspects of photography is its power to document. Even if it is not necessary a true documentation of reality.

Ecologica Mente, Trapani 2013 ITALY
Biennale Trapani, Trapani 2013 ITALY

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designboom.es 2015
curbed.com 2015

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shockblast.net Awake, US 2015
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La Republica Your Hands Only, Italy 2014
Magasinet Kote The Place In The Sky, Norway 2014

Photography Served You were not there, US 2015
Photography Served CYAN, US 2015
Photography Served Keep On Walking, US 2014
Photography Served Adrift, US 2013
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Honorable mention: IPA Awards 2013, Adrift
Honorable mention: IPA Awards 2014, Quiet Tales From DDR
Honorable mention: IPA Awards 2014, The Place In The Sky

Ether apparel 2013
Ether apparel 2014